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The apostolic works abroad


We supported the activities of a mission in Africa, the Mingara` Franceville mission, from 1987 to 1990. Mother Adele Pezone worked on the evangelization with Claretian Fathers, in their pastoral activity’s several sectors and in the assistance to the poorest communities.


BRASILE, Salvador de Bahia 

Mother Adele Pezone and Mother Raffaella Corvino arrived in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil on October the 4th 1992, after the blessing of the Archbishop Carlo Maria Martini (14th September 1992). At the beginning they had acted with the Meninos de Rua, later they had been collaborating with the Perpetual Help Our Lady Amata Escura Parish, close to the favelas, since March the 18th 1993.

Now Mother Raffaella Corvino is taking care of the underage pastoral in Copamec and mother Adele Pezone is working at the prison pastoral Don Avelar, in the Nova Semente center, which is a nursery school putting prisoners’ children up. This center was founded in response to a prison rebellion that had left these children shocked and scared. Mother Adele thought of protecting the children and asking their mothers to leave them with her for the detention period. Initially it was difficult to gain the mothers trust, but growing success made it necessary to find a suitable place where they could live.

The Brazilian Ministry of Justice has recognized this apostolic act.

On May the 28th 1996 Mother Claudia Strada reached the sisters in Brazil and now she is taking care of the sanitary pastoral Agata Smeralda.

On April the 14th 1998 the Cardinal Archbishop Don Lucas Moreira Neves approved the constitution of the religious Community in the Salvador diocese.



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