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Apostolic works

Through the apostolic works we want to express the MULTIPLE FACETS of our Charisma.


The working community

Betania Group Association O.N.L.U.S.

When, in 1980, in a villa surrounded by a garden in the Affori borough, Milan, “the light that has not to be hidden under a bushel, but has to illuminate the whole house and the whole society”, a unique synergy between religious and lay people was building up. They had respect for each other’s professional and humane competences, for the variety of tempers and views in order to guarantee the aims of the religious Community and of the educational community, inspired by the lay society’s technical and scientific principles.

The religious community founded the Association Betania Group O.N.L.U.S. with Villaluce Progetti Servizi Realtą Educative, as an acting expression of its Charisma, in order to be involved in social work. A personalized educational project is set up in agreement with Welfare Services; it will consider every girl’s history and her social background. This will help her to be on her way to be an adult, developing many skills and her sense of identity so that she will be able to manage her life with autonomy and responsibility.

This Association is a Non-Profit Corporation, whose members are sisters under perpetual vows. It’s recognized by the Lombardy Region and it works through specialized Sectors and Departments that are managed by religious and lay people closely together: Villaluce Progetti Servizi Realtą Educative Educational Psychology Services – Educational Communities center; LA ZATTERA Short-stay Shelter; CASA DEL SORRISO Educational Center.

This Association is enriched by services and activities that follow the same pedagogical view. They work by supporting study and educational programs of Il Girasole Research Study Center. They also offer educational consulting services to parents and adolescents at the family Association conVoi onlus and at the Eugenio Radice Fossati Center. They support the voluntary work of the Voluntary workers Association Il Melograno onlus, the post-discharge help of the Anna Maria Vandoni Bianchi Association and they give support to the work education of Il Mandorlo.



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