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Our formation

The prayer spirit and the union with God  have to be supported and strengthened by a perpetual formation.

Every one of us and the whole Community consider the earthly life as a continuous formation until the meeting with the merciful God.

The Community suggests educational means so that the acts and the life become participation in Christ’s mission that redeems and reconciles, particularly concentrated on the forgotten and neglected people.

The mother superior together with her council arranges for the initial formation (novitiate and juniorate) plan and for the perpetual one. The theme is always of “how we can best incarnate in and conform to Jesus The Crucified and Risen”.

The root of every formation is the spiritual aspect of the experience of faith, in the continuous prayer, in the constant involvement in the research of the maturity that is essential for the community life.


How the formation is

During the year we live and we are supported by a deep weekly catechesis, lead by a father catechist. During the important times of the year (Advent and Lent) we apply ourselves in the meetings of Lectio Divina. The Lectio Divina is part of a specific perpetual formation and the nuns themselves propose the theme in order to develop the theology every day, always keeping Jesus the Crucified and Risen as a fulcrum.

We devote one day a month to the spiritual retreat and at least eight days a year to the spiritual exercises. During important periods of the liturgical year  our religious communities organize formation courses and the annual theme is biblical, ascetic, theological, and spiritual in nature. The communities propose these themes to the priest who is responsible for leading these meetings.



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