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The way towards the vows

We walk towards the consecration to Jesus the Redeemer, Crucified and Risen trying to give ourselves to HIM radically through a way of research and judgment that takes us up for some years.

We arrive in the religious Community through different ways, personal events and experiences of life. Very often we come from hard researches to open our heart up to the listening of the Father’s voice. He calls us from the timelessness / immortality to belong to Him wholeheartedly.

For every one of us the aim was that one of continuing a personal judgment. We were placed side by side by people who could help us to choose the community that was the most suitable to our personal features and our needs realizing those gifts, which were given us by nature and Grace. We call these gifts personal aptitudes or charismas. For this reason the calling becomes for us the incarnation of the Father’s will that realize itself in a continuing becoming.


The beginning of the way: the postulancy

During this research there’s always an experience that materialize in the communal reality, where a girl comes in little by little and takes part in the life of Missionary Sisters of Jesus the Redeemer for some months. During this period, named postulancy, every one of us can have an experience of knowledge and life that allows us to understand our personal calling. Indeed we test everyday life and at the same time we maintain relationships and social life, from where we came from.

In the same way, every girl who feels to be called by the Father may ask to live the period of postulancy with us Missionary Sisters of Jesus the Redeemer, in order to make clearer her calling. Every young girl is placed side by side by a nun and she’s helped to pursue the God’s will and to discover the specific gift, God made to the community and, by involvement, to her as well.

A free spirit and ability to face up with responsibility are indispensable elements for facing the involvements of consecrated life.


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Step by step: the novitiate

After about six months of postulancy, every girl who wishes to continue her way to answer the Father’s calling to the community of the Missionary Sisters of Jesus the Redeemer, may open up to a period of two years…The novitiate.I still remember my beginning…as.

I think that every one of my sisters cannot forget hers…. It’s a milestone through which the girl starts a life of real joinment to Jesus; she experiences building up the belonging to the religious Community.

The novitiate’s aim is to deepen the consciousness of the Community own Charisma, testing more intimately and playing an active part in the lifestyle and in the peculiar acts of apostolate.

As we said above, during the novitiate every one of us is helped to discern and verify her own calling, to develop her autonomy and responsibility in the dependence, in the joyful and hard collaboration, as requiring human maturity and spirit of faith in order to be warm to each other’s. The internal and external training particularly marks the novitiate. The novices start their training in the community and at the same time they attend to the courses of the spirituality school at the Theological Faculty.


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A becoming way: the juniorate

When the novitiate is over, there’s the possibility to consecrate radically you to Jesus the Redeemer Crucified and Risen, through the temporary profession. With the first profession we commit ourselves in evangelical advices and in fraternity life, trying to show the countenance of Jesus to every one else, through the aspect of the Risen who gives new life.

The first Profession is issued for one year and it’s renewed from year to year for five years.

This period of temporary profession named juniorate, has the aim of maturing the final engagement.


The juniorate covers the period of the temporary profession during which we devote ourselves to deepen the route to God particularly, following the Christ, serving the Church and in accordance with the Constitution of the Missionary Sisters of Jesus the Redeemer Crucified and Risen.

Every juniores is gradually integrated in the Educational Act for adolescents with serious personal familiar and social problems: for us this is the best way to assimilate the spirit of this specific service to the poorest among the poor people. We can realize the gift that the Father specifically makes to the community of the Missionary Sisters of Jesus the Redeemer. This modality of entering into relations with people will go with the juniores and all the consecrated sisters in every other apostolic act.

During the juniorate the girls go on attending to two or three theological or spirituality courses at the Theological Faculty of north Italy every year.


After about five years of juniorate…through joys and efforts, we prepare ourselves to the Perpetual Profession


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