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The history

On December the 21st 1981 the Cardinal Archbishop Carlo Maria Martini raised the Sisters of Jesus the Redeemer to the status of holy union and approved their provisional Statute.

On June the 29th 1988, the same Cardinal Archbishop raised the “Sisters of Jesus the Redeemer” to the status of “public Association of believers”. Their Constitutions titled “It’s Love that saves”, had been definitively approved – with archiepiscopal decree – on January the 19th 2002. With this decree the change of the Association’s name as “Missionary Sisters of Jesus the Redeemer” had been approved as well.


The Charisma, the gift the Holy Spirit makes to the Church, is a display of the Crucified Jesus who reconciles and of the Risen Jesus who gives new life, for the Missionary Sisters of Jesus the Redeemer. This is the gift made by the Father to all the Community, while every sister enriches it with her own personal charisma.

The community recognizes itself in the spirituality that makes the Resurrection the center of its own spiritual life, a life of meditation and of worship and of communion. The Missionary Sisters of Jesus the Redeemer chose the community life.

Thanks to the rules and the presence of the mother superior, research and development of the spiritual goods for the Reign supremacy are warranted.


The founding group

The founding group included: sister Laura Airaghi, mother Paola Ambrosi, mother Raffaella Corvino, mother Generosa Giorgetti, mother Teresa Gospar, mother Carla Pozzoli, mother Assunta Righetto, mother Elena Rocchi, mother Franca Rosso, mother Rita Soroldoni, mother Claudia Strada, mother Ines Turconi, mother Adele Pezone, mother Luisa Zoppo.


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Working in social issues

In 1980 the Missionary Sisters of Jesus the Redeemer founded the organization Betania Group O.N.L.U.S., in order to be able to realize their spiritual aims in civil society.

This Association is a Non-Profit Corporation, recognized by the Lombardy Region. It works through specialized Sectors and Departments that are managed by religious and lay people closely together: VILLA LUCE Educational Psychology Services – Educational Communities centre; LA ZATTERA Short-stay Shelter; CASA DEL SORRISO Educational Centre.

Villaluce Progetti Servizi Realtą Educative was  the 1st to be founded. Its name keeps Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini’s fatherly and prophetical words in memory, when he said it had to send out a light of faith and hope, of love, of joy, of new life to many people left in their care by Love that saves.

The Community of the Missionary Sisters of Jesus the Redeemer has been continuing its own ecclesial way for many years, paying attention to society’s needs: they have developed their aid for teenagers with serious problems; they have opened themselves up to the parish services, to family assistance, to young people and to groups of people who want a comparison with views of hope; they supported the activities of a mission in Africa; they have set up a missionary presence in Brazil.


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