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Multi-faceted religious community

The community life

Jesus the Crucified and the Risen calls us to forge a conjugal relationship with us, as provided by the consecration to HIM!

With this love and his Grace he leads us to live together in the community in a fraternal way.

In the meanwhile he calls us to develop maternal relationships towards the girls, he entrusts us. In this way he wants us with him to go side by side with them during their human, emotional, christian and social development.

Therefore in Him we are, we stay, we live together, we move either in our small religious community or in the apostolate that displays itself little by little through the time’s signs.

In HIM and with HIM we pray, we worship the Father during the day and the night representing all mankind in its human, material, spiritual and social necessities.

Thanks to God every one of us becomes a tabernacle that praises and worships. In this way Jesus, the Messenger from the Father, provides that every day of our life becomes an offering and praise to the Holy Trinity for saving and sanctifying the universal Church and all mankind.

From the praying and hard-working Community every sister goes, sent by the Community itself, “inhabited by” and in the name of Jesus the Crucified and the Risen, to a mission where the obedience and the service call her.

On our return from the mission every one of us shares worries, anxieties, joys and pains that we experienced with the brothers and sisters that we found during our apostolate.


Patterns and foundations of the community life

For us the trinitarian life is a deep model, inspiration and foundation of our life of communion. The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit are subject of continuous meditation and contemplation, because they are source of our calling. 

When the God’s Spirit called us to this Community, He gave us that spiritual tune, which had let and lets us live together in the same charismatic Blessing every day.

This means that our community lifestyle is the one as lived by the very first christian communities, who had one heart and one soul and bore witness of the God Jesus` Resurrection.

We want to be “one heart and one soul…” (At 4,32)

 preaching united the Risen Christ’s Spirit which, in the Eucharist, offers himself to the Father for all mankind’s reconcilement. In this way the diversity and the multiplicities of the personal gifts become mutual wealth in Christ’s charity, who makes us brothers and sisters.

The ineffable unity with Christ is the foundation of our community and personal life and particularly directs our consecration, in the preaching, in the worship and in our work, through the offering to God and observing the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience.


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The community prayer

For us it is important to cultivate personal and community prayer assiduously, first of all meditating The Holy Writ and christian spirituality sources. Because of this, prayer is an indefeasible moment of our daily life, the time when the Lord evangelizes us, so that we can be witnesses of his Word. However in our prayer life nothing would have meaning if the daily eucharistic celebration wasn’t the fulcrum of our thoughts and inspiration of our acts. For this reason the eucharistic celebration begins with an active involvement with the priest; the believers` involvement is particularly cared for with songs and the Word’s meditative listening. Jesus, coming into us, will transform and sanctify our humanity so that we can show the presence of Jesus the Crucified and Risen’s countenance to everyone we meet during the day.

How could a person we meet see Jesus the Crucified and Risen’s countenance on us? It’s possible through concrete acts of welcoming toward the brother and sister. We should try as well to see that same countenance on them; it’s the countenance that asks us to be messengers of his goodness, of his love translated into charity acts.

Moreover the eucharistic celebration expresses itself in our way, our personal and communal extension of the eucharistic act that is the WORSHIP of Jesus in the Holy Sacrament during day and night. The Eucharistic Worship is a distinguishing mark of our spirituality because it promotes the familiarity and intimacy with God. It further allows us to meet all mankind, giving praise to the Holy Trinity and to worship, praise the Father and to bring forward to him every need of each human being who is going towards the Communion of the Saints.

Every day, at least for one hour, we live a time of personal Eucharistic Adoration of the Lord in order to praise and worship Him on behalf of all mankind. The Eucharistic Adoration is alive at night as well, at least on the religious holidays during the Liturgical Year.

Two evenings a week every community of the Missionary Sisters of Jesus the Redeemer is in a communal Adoration in order to realize first of all:… “And He called them so that they stayed with Him…”

We commit ourselves in praising the Lord daily through the Liturgy of the Hours in all its parts. We pray the readings of the divine office, medium and compline hour, while we pray in community praises and vespers. Because of our faith we are aware that through this liturgy we are not alone: we feel ourselves as in communal prayer with the entire Church, in the economy of the communion of the Saints.


We further emphasize the religious holidays concerning the redemption’s mystery. We honor the Virgin Mary on Saturdays and particularly on the Annunciation Day and through the daily practice of the rosary and the angelus.


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Silence and sharing

In our daily life we try, in accordance with the possibilities, to personally promote the union with God, especially researching silence into our being. We communicate our thought to HIM through this silence as “spiritual and loving phone calls”, which are the natural invocations between every one of us and HIM.

As long as it’s possible we undertake to love this silence and search it in the Community when we come back from the apostolic work: we usually express this with a cosy lifestyle. We reserve sharing moments during the meals or through moments that we call relaxing from activities really absorbing our emotional side.


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Community`s prayer hours

Our community prayer and our lifestyle are inspired by Jesus who reconciles and gives peace, expressing themselves concretely in the sharing their life with the last or most deserted person. That’s why we want to accept the apostolate forms, which are more suitable for our present time: we respond to the Church mission by helping people who suffer from social exclusion because of psychological and relational issues. (apostolic acts)

daily… weekly… monthly

h. 7.00 am 1st turn of community morning prayer and lauds
h. 7.50 am Eucharistic celebration
h. 8.30 am 2nd turn of community morning prayer and praises
h. 5.00 pm

1st turn of community prayer of the vespers and the rosary

h. 6.00 pm

2nd turn of community prayer of the vespers and the rosary

h. 5.00 pm
h. 9.30 pm
Communal Eucharistic Adoration
h. 6.30 pm
Communal Eucharistic Adoration
3rd Saturday
and Sunday
of the month
Community rite
h. 9.15
– 10.00 am


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