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Charisma and Spirituality

The Charisma, gift the Holy Spirit makes to the Church is for the Missionary Sisters of Jesus the Redeemer display of Jesus the Crucified who reconciles and of Jesus the Risen who gives new life.

We unceasingly pray the Father in order to conform our community to this specific feature of the Christ mystery’s mission, we want to comply with, and making it our lifestyle. When the Holy Spirit calls the person to join a religious community, He makes him/her the gift of that spiritual tune, that lets him/her to be able to recognize him/herself in the charismatic grace of the group. 

Our mission is to preach that, intimately close to the Crucified and Risen Jesus, through new relationships, we can have a new life which builds and turns suffering into renewed hope, through welcome and sharing. Because of this, our work is based in taking care of the misfits, especially through a deep relationship, which will last.


The spirituality

Our Community recognizes itself in the spirituality that makes the Resurrection the center of its own spiritual life, a life of meditation and of communion. Jesus the incarnate, the Crucified and the Risen, today as in the past, is the Church’s center and bond of communion and the one who gives our brothers and us the strength to go over every personal barrier and division, within the groups and the society, through sharing and communication.

In this Jesus saving work, Maria from Nazareth is the closest creature and every one of us want to draw continuous inspiration from Her.


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Sharing the charisma and the mission

Through the activity of the Associazione Gruppo di Betania O.N.L.U.S., whose members are the Religiouses under perpetual vows, the religious Community promotes the meeting between the lay collaborators who share the Association inspiration and our Charisma, and us.

With them we make every effort to develop the knowledge, the educational psychology methodologies and techniques of a heritage in continuous movement, we are inspired by during our working.

Love, joy, hope that Jesus the Crucified and the Risen gave to Missionary Sisters of Jesus the Redeemer in living Charisma, are for us the source and the main road – together with the technical-scientific side – through which people we take care of (adolescents in troubles, families, youth, old people) can develop their humanity and live through a new life.

Therefore to be religious-worker makes up the pair Religious Community-Educational Community, working in places where the need arises and where we build the support and assistance intervention. In this way our charisma presents itself and comes true in its primary expression.


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…different forms of mission

Besides the educational side, the Missionary Sisters of Jesus the Redeemer are committed to undertake more expressions of service to the people: therefore we are in the parish as parish collaborators and catechists, and we help needy people at different levels.


Our being Missionary Sisters of Jesus the Redeemer, called and sent by the Father to be Jesus the Crucified and the Risen witnesses of Jesus the Crucified and the Risen “among his people”, makes broader our time and space view: to be missionary at home and abroad. Nowadays, where does Jesus make us set up his home? In Brazil: In Salvador Baja, just among the favelas!  There `til NOW brothers call us and want concrete answers… “What you did to the smallest, you did it to Me!”  

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